Manoj Kaimal and Sandhya Manoj, the founders and gurus of Manasa Yoga started the Manasa Yoga school in 2000. For 20 plus years, Manasa Yoga has been imparting essential yogic teachings through classes and teacher training, and it remains one of the premier yoga schools in Malaysia. Manasa Yoga has recently been awarded Yoga School of the Year in early 2020 by YogaLife Magazine and Tourism Malaysia. If you are interested in learning and embodying the great wisdom tradition based yoga teachings, along with modern insights on biomechanics and movement, you should definitely check out Manasa Yoga classes, either online here at ManasaClasses or at our physical location in SS2, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

What can you expect in a Manasa Yoga class? Well, when you join a yoga class on ManasaClasses, you can expect a similar experience to that of being in an actual Manasa class, practicing alongside other Manasa regulars. Like all Manasa classes, there will be an opening awareness sit, an asana krama (sequencing of asanas) towards a particular theme or embodiment of specific yogic teachings, and there will be a closing where pranayama is sometimes incorporated before savasana. At Manasa Yoga, the role of the teacher is to impart teachings with good articulation and clear verbal cues whilst keeping a keen eye on the students. Students are urged to listen intently so that they may better connect to their own experiences, and hopefully move towards the real focus of yoga, which is the path towards self discovery.