How do I use ManasaClasses?

With a valid subscription you have unlimited access to all classes via ManasaClasses website.

Is previous Yoga experience required for ManasaClasses classes?

No previous experience is necessary. The range of ManasaClasses ensures that everyone will find a suitable class irrespective of prior type and style of yoga experienced. Class descriptions will allow you to easily find suitable classes. You can always challenge yourself by trying out different levels, depending on your mood, right at your fingertips.

What styles of Yoga does ManasaClasses offer?

Our philosophy is to offer different styles of yoga forms in an unprejudiced way irrespective of styles. We also encourage you to try new, different types of classes to find the best form of practice for you.

What kind of Yoga class suits me?

Only by trying can you find the kind of yoga practice optimal for you. If your first experience of a class seems too relaxed, or too demanding, it is worth choosing another class from the brief description that offer a different kind of workout. In addition, what may feel too relaxed one day may feel appropriate the next. When practicing yoga it is important to always listen to your body and find the type of practice that offers you the most suitable path to improved well-being. Take breaks when necessary.

What are the ManasaClasses yoga teachers like?

All the classes offered at ManasaClasses will be led by Manoj Kaimal (founder and Guru of Manasa Yoga) or by senior resident teachers. All our yoga teachers are qualified and many have been teaching Manasa Yoga for over 12+ years.

Does Yoga suit everyone?

Yoga essentially is an awareness practice and you should not get hurt when doing yoga with awareness. However, if you practice yoga (or any physical activity for that matter) without infusing awareness, there will be a possibility of injury. Hence, to be cautious, we recommend that you seek advice from your doctor before starting on any physical activity. In a general sense though, yoga practiced with awareness and mindfulness has a high possibility of enhancing your life experience and health.

I’m pregnant, can I start practicing Yoga?

Consult your doctor about the risks. In regular classes we practice twists, deep forward bends and poses that target the abdominal area. These movements are not always suitable for pregnant women. In a live class, we will give variations depending on the pregnancy term but Manasaclasses are not live, so do be extra cautious. Usually, you can start practicing yoga about 3 months after the delivery.

Can children take part in the classes too?

Yes they can, and if the child does not have the energy to be involved in the entire class at home there is usually enough stimulation to be found so that the parent can complete the class.

What do the class levels mean?

Basic – Recommended for those who are new to Manasa Yoga, or to yoga, and those who are returning to yoga after a hiatus.

Intermediate – Recommended for regular practitioners who can follow instructions and are ready to take their practice to a deeper physical as well as psychological level

Advanced – Recommended for those whose yoga practice no longer revolves around the doing and getting it aspect of yoga, but more around the receiving of the asanas as states. At Manasa Yoga, our emphasis on asana practice is based on the idea that yoga is not something which can be done, or gotten for yoga is a state we can work towards.

What kind of Yoga class environment is required?

Practicing yoga at home is nearly the same as in a yoga studio! It is to your advantage if you can find your own private, peaceful environment where there is enough space to practice and move without obstructions. Pets, little children or partners running around are not necessarily obstacles for doing yoga but having some peace is conducive to a focused and comprehensive session. Putting your mobile devices on silent and out of arm’s reach will be helpful in keeping distractedness away.