What is ManasaClasses?

ManasaClasses is an online portal which offers access to full length Manasa Yoga classes led by our guru Manoj Kaimal as well as by Manasa resident teachers. With this portal, you can practice in the comforts of your own home, or wherever (if you are traveling) and feel like you are actually in a Manasa class. The online yoga classes offered on ManasaClasses will be Basic, Intermediate & Advanced classes, and the selection of classes will be on rotation so at any time you will have different classes to join in on.

Practice at your own pace

Watch yoga classes recordings and practice anytime, anywhere. You will also have the freedom to pause or replay when you need to.

Subscribing will allow you access to all videos on ManasaClasses.

A Fuss-free Manasa Class Experience

The videos of ManasaClasses are no different from the full length yoga classes you will get at Manasa Yoga. Each class encompasses everything from the guided opening awareness sitting, a movement sequence designed for the embodiment of teachings, to shavasana. It would feel like you are in class, but you would have saved the time it would normally take you to get yourself to actual classes.

Manasa Yoga On-The-Go

With this subscription, you can take ManasaClasses with you on your portable device, wherever you go. All you need is a space to unfurl your mat and you are all set.

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